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Well, I’m glad I have one and am happy with it, but it appears that Apple is discontinuing the 17″ MacBook Pro. I suppose I understand. I can’t have been their big seller, and with the introduction of the Retina 15″ MacBook Pro, which has more pixels than my current 17″, perhaps it will do down the road when I upgrade, but not having the option for a Retina 17″ will hurt when the time comes.


For years now I’ve used only a laptop. I can’t imagine being tied in any way to a desktop computer. The last desktop system I owned as a Mac mini that was never a production machine, but only used as a server. The last production desktop I had was a PowerMac 6500 I think.

It used to be a compromise. You could have portability or sufficient speed, but not both. I remember using Apple’s sync technology (Mac OS 8.5 or so?) to get data from my work desktop to my laptop to my home desktop, syncing every morning before leaving for work and every evening before heading home. It was simply wonderful when I got the PowerBook G3 to have a computer that had an adequate screen resolution and was portable. It became my only machine.

My wife works the same way, as do the kids. We all have our own portable Macs now, me the MacBook Pro 17″, my wife the 13″ MacBook Air and the kids each have a MacBook. But note the bit difference in that list of machines: screen resolution. A programmer (or just a power user) simply can’t have enough screen space, and as nice as a Retina 15″ MBP is, for my a 17″ Retina MBP is even better.

At this time you can’t even buy a new 17″ from Apple’s web site. Although I doubt it’ll happen, I hope to see it return some day. Much better for me than anything else Apple offers.

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