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I watched a video interview with Instapaper creator and Tumblr founder Marco Arment yesterday, and among other interesting comments was something to the effect that he created Tumblr in part because most people in technology at the time has created and abandoned a blog.

I fall into that category. Probably five years ago or so I started a blog called something like “Code Comments”. I don’t even know where it went, honestly. I was probably hosting it on Dreamhost with the rest of my sites, but it didn’t go very far.

So here’s my second attempt. I used to get my writing done by publishing to About This Particular Macintosh, but that magazine has ceased publication, and there’s still quite a few things I’d like to get down that I hope others will find interesting. And that’s what this will be for. I’ll put AppleScript and FileMaker tutorials, software reviews (Mac and iOS, I stay as far from Windows as I can), and whatever else catches my fancy.

This is new, and I’ve no idea if I’ll have any readers. Joomla, the content management system I’m using for this, doesn’t have a built-in commenting feature for the blog, but I’ll find an extension that does the job. In the meantime, you can email me with any comments or criticisms. I’ll also look into seeing if Joomla can get a contact form on the page more easily than a comments feature.

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