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1619 Whiterock Ln.
Hemet, CA 92545

mobile: 951-370-5596


  • Advanced Skills 

• FileMaker on all available platforms, version 2+, including various plugins  
• AppleScript • PHP
• Xojo * OS X 
• OS X Server  
  • Intermediate Skills

• Objective-C/Cocoa  • C++ 
• CSS • JavaScript 
• XML/XSLT • Vimscript 
• Java/Groovy • RegEx
• Linux • Python
• Perl • Ruby
• bash • Lasso



  • FileMaker Proficiency Exam
  • FileMaker 7 Certification
  • FileMaker 8 Certification
  • FileMaker 9 Certification


Open Source Projects

  • Created filemaker-textmate-bundle project for writing FileMaker calculations with syntax highlighting in the TextMate text editor
  • Created filemaker.vim plugin for working with FileMaker calculations and documentation from within Vim text editor
  • Created CVFileMaker PHP classes for easing use of FileMaker PHP API
  • Contributed to FMEasyAudit with beta testing and code contributions
  • Contributed to UltiSnips with bug fixes
  • Contributed to vim-tools with documentation update


  • University of California, Los Angeles; Mathematics with Specialization in Computing
  • The Network Group; AppleTalk Networking
  • Mind over Technology; Mac OS Network Administration

Professional Experience

  • Chivalry Software, Developer

    • Develop custom software solutions using FileMaker 6 through 14, PHP/MySQL, AppleScript and Xojo for OS X, Windows, Web and iOS platforms
    • Manage projects from client requirements gathering to deployment and maintenance
    • Deploy custom software solutions using FileMaker Server 6 through 14 and Linux servers
    • Design, market and release original FileMaker developer and end-user solutions and plugins
    • Publish Cocoa-based OS X application to Apple Store
    • Coordinate development projects with other programmers
    • Provide technical support for product releases
    • Travel to client locations for on-site consultation and development
  • Independent Writer/Technical Editor

    • Publish articles targeted to professional FileMaker and Cocoa developers for ISO FileMaker Magazine and personal blog
    • Publish articles targeted to beginning programmers for About This Particular Macintosh and Macworld
    • Publish software reviews of developer tools and end-user products 
    • Contribute writing and technical editing to The Book of FileMaker 6
    • Perform technical editing and code review for Xcode 5 Start to Finish and Xcdoe 6 Start to Finish
  • Bert Howe and Associates, Manager of Software Development

    • Develop custom in-house applications based on FileMaker, Visual Basic and MySQL
    • Profide technical support for existing applications
    • Make technology recommendations based on corportate needs
  •, Manager of Information Systems

    • Develop custom in-house FileMaker applications to handle all business operations, specializing in client data exchange using XML/XSLT
    • Provide rapidly developed scripting tools for automating employee tasks
    • Maintain internal OS X-based servers providing database, email, file, chat, web, backup, directory and calendar services
    • Provide troubleshooting and training for employees
  • Productive Computing, Senior Developer

    • Develop custom software solutions using FileMaker 6 and 7 for Mac OS Classic, OS X and Windows platforms
    • Assist in FileMaker plugin development and testing
    • Create automation solutions with AppleScript
    • Provide technical support for company products
  • Metro Technologies, Senior Developer

    • Develop custom software solutions using FileMaker 5 and 6 for Mac OS Classic and Windows platforms
    • Travel to client locations for on-site consultation and development
  • MacEnthusiasts, On-Site Service Technician

    • Provide on-site installation and repair of Apple and related hardware and networking to individuals and organizations in the greater Los Angeles area
    • Develop custom automation software using AppleScript
  • Chivalry Technical Consulting, Proprietor

    • Provide on-site installation and troubleshooting of hardware, software and networking to individuals and organizaations in the greater Los Angeles area
    • Develop custom automation software using AppleScript
    • Develop custom web site development
    • Develop custom database software using FileMaker 2 through 4
  • Direct Partners, Manager of Information Technology

    • Provide all technology support for hardware, software, networking and web hosting
    • Build custom software for analyzing direct mail campaign results
  • Grey Advertising, Manager of Information Technology

    • Provide all technology support for hardware, software, networking and web hosting
    • Upgraded mixed platform network from LocalTalk to Ethernet
    • Connected network to the Internet with a fractional T1
    • Managed network of 200+ mixed platform computers
    • Managed team of support personnel



  • Blazer (FileMaker 13)
    Built for a client to track medical equipment algorithm efficiency.
  • Visits (FileMaker 11)
    Tracks state park visitor surveys
  • filemaker.vim (Vimscript)
    A set of scripts and format files to make it easier to work with FileMaker calculations in Vim.
  • YourSleeper (Cocoa)
    A simple app for Mac OS X that places an icon in the menu bar that will set a timer for pausing the playback of iTunes.
  • POR (FileMaker)
    A project management and invoicing system for an entertainment printing company.
  • SimpleImage PHP Class (PHP)
    An edit of the open source SimpleImage class (submitted back to the maintainer) that adds convenience methods.
  • FileMaker PHP Class (PHP)
    A subclass of the FileMaker class included with the FileMaker PHP API to enable more compact PHP code when accessing FileMaker databases.
  • CakePHP Example (PHP)
    A model and controller file from a site built using the CakePHP framework.
  • XBox Rooming (PHP)
    A FileMaker based web site using the FileMaker PHP API and PEAR libraries.
  • (PHP)
    A basic web site build with PHP for ease of maintance.
  • GAP (FileMaker)
    A custom-built application for a non-profit organization
  • Function Helper (FileMaker)
    Commercial application targetted to FileMaker developers
  • Heritage (FileMaker)
    FileMaker 6 system built to auto-generate custom runtime solutions
  • ITGBL (FileMaker)
    Tracking software created for the military shipping industry
  • TestLibrary (AppleScript)
    A library of AppleScript handlers for common tasks needed in a particular solution
  • ContactManager (REALbasic)
    Cross-Platform application with SQL backend
  • filemaker-textmate-bundle
    A TextMate bundle for writing FileMaker calculations with syntax highlighting
  • filemaker-dictionary
    A set of ScriptMaster modules that implement JSON dictionaries and arrays.


Personal Interests

  • Scouting – My son is involved in Boy Scouts and my daughter in Girl Scouts.
  • Chess – I love the game, and play as often as I can with opponents online.
  • Classical Literature – I lament that I’ve not read most of the classical works of history, and am attempting to correct that.
  • Carpentry – Something that I recently took up as a means of creating with atoms rather than bits.
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