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Chivalry Software began when I started tinkering with an Atari 800 back in 1982. I wrote software using the built-in BASIC when the only storage device I had was a cassette tape recorder and the connection to the Internet required placing a telephone handset on an acoustic modem. Eventually I moved to a Mac SE while studying Mathematics and Computer Science at UCLA. There I learned Pascal and C while tinkering with HyperCard at home.

Professionally I ended up at Gray Advertising as the IT Directory for their Los Angeles office, overseeing all of their technology just as the Internet was hitting the big time in 1994. While there, I found FileMaker was being used to track purchase orders and that there were af few features that I wanted to add to the system. I was surprised at how easy it was to alter the system and eventually decided that I enjoyed creating software more than I enjoyed troubleshooting computers, and decided to found Chivalry Technical Consulting, which eventually evolved into Chivalry Software.

Over the years I’ve used every version of FileMaker since 2.1. I took the proficiency exam in 2000 and passed and am a certified FileMaker developer with versions 7 through 9. I currently use both FileMaker 11 and 12 and have begun to enjoy creating mobile applications using FileMaker Go. Connecting FileMaker to the web lead to my learning PHP and Ruby, which lead to learning MySQL and Real Studio.

Over the years I’ve not only worked in FileMaker but written extensively about the software. I was a contributing writer and technical editor for The Book of FileMaker 6 and have written articles for Macworld, About This Particular Macintosh and FileMaker Magazine, some of which you’ll find on this site.

My spare time is spent with my family, enjoying scouting, chess and video games by Blizzard.

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