Bringing Charles onto a project will yield a solid solution for the client. Not only does Charles address the parameters and requirements of the project but he provides valuable insight into how a project or solution can be made better. This may be in the form of improving the end-user experience or adding value by coming up with ways to extend existing or suggesting new features.~Steven Smith, Owner, MacGraf Computing
Chuck has definitely made things a lot easier. What used to be tedious, repetitive tasks are now done with a single click thanks to Chuck. He was able to understand what went into a process and streamline it in a way that made sense for all parties involved. ~Will Adan, Account Manager, Job Elephant
Chuck has become a valuable resource for my company, delivering quick turnarounds to my requests, offering proactive suggestions for improvements, and creatively leveraging technology to automate workflow. His background in mathematics has proven quite useful in the statistical analysis portion of my work, and he demonstrates a deep desire to understand my business as thoroughly as possible, so as to offer the best working solutions for my needs.~Ben Bellinson, Owner, Bellinson & Company
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